Concrete Power Washing and Sealing

At LEVEL ALL, we like to educate our customers as much as possible so they feel confident in making the right decision. Discover why our concrete powerwashing and sealing services are the best in town. We break down the process and products used to restore and protect your driveway.

Concrete Pressure Washing and Sealing

At Level All, we provide concrete pressure washing and sealing in the entire St. Louis metro. Pressure washing removes all the stains that have built up on the driveway over the past several years. After we finish pressure washing your driveway, it will look great. That means it is time to protect it. Our concrete sealing services will keep you driveway strong for years as it protects against weathering. Most people think driveway concrete is completely solid, but actually it is porous and looks like a sponge at a magnified view. For this reason driveway concrete should be protected with a sealer.

If you’re going to make the wise decision to protect your driveway for the ever changing seasons in the Midwest, you may as well do it right. Educated customers know that when it comes to protecting your concrete driveway, Level All is the only choice in town.

Our Concrete Sealers

We use a product called SIL-ACT ATS-42 for our concrete sealer. We use this because we believe in only using quality products. SIL-ACT ATS-42 is a high performance, durable and flexible sealer that can stand up to the harsh conditions we see in the MidWest.

SIL‑ACT™ ATS‑42 is a clear, penetrating silane treatment which causes concrete, masonry and many natural stones to become repellent to water, chloride, waterborne contaminants and weathering elements, preventing the premature deterioration of parking decks, bridge decks, pavements and other types of concrete and masonry structures. Performance testing makes SIL‑ACT™ ATS‑42 an excellent choice for any project requiring the highest quality clear water repellent.

SIL‑ACT™ ATS‑42 can be applied to the surface by low-pressure spray, brush, roller or squeegee. It can be stored on the jobsite at temperature extremes, eliminating storage problems associated with emulsified silane products that can deteriorate on the jobsite, prior to use, if not properly stored. SIL-ACT™ ATS-42 chemically bonds with the substrate forming a penetrated layer below the surface that acts as a one-way filter. Water, chloride and other waterborne contaminants are repelled without restricting the substrates natural vapor permeability.

Why Choose Us?

The moment you call us, you will notice a big difference in how we treat our customers. Our professional staff is trained to put our customer’s needs first. You can expect a turn key operation in a timely manner. You can rest assured you made the right choice with Level All. Did we mention we have some of the best prices around? Call us today and discover why Level All is a step above our competition.

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