Polyjacking vs. Mudjacking

At LEVEL ALL, we like to educate our customers as much as possible so they feel confident in making the right decision. Discover why polyjacking is a superior solution to mudjacking. We break down the differences to help you better understand the advantages.

Why Polyjacking over Mudjacking?

Polyjacking is the perfect solution for the somewhat stubborn midwest soils. It is an advanced method of concrete leveling that is more durable and longer lasting than mudjacking. Due to the hot summers and cold winters in the Midwest polyjacking is the preferred method of concrete leveling. The drastic changes in temperatures allow concrete to contract and expand as well as the ground to freeze and thaw. These conditions are tough on concrete and eventually will lead to sunken concrete. Polyjacking is the perfect solution for tough St. Louis, Jefferson City and Columbia conditions.

Benefits of polyjacking over mudjacking:

  • Longer lasting solution
  • More durable
  • Requires no heavy machinery
  • Smaller drill holes
  • Cures and dries in minutes
  • Can be installed in any climate, mudjacking can’t be done when temperatures are below freezing
  • Will not shrink with weather changes
  • Lightweight, will not burden the soil

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