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Level All

Level All was founded by Nate Betleyoun. Nate has over 10 years of experience and expertise in the industry. Nate worked as a General Manager for several years providing polyjacking services in two major metropolitan cities before starting Level All. His experience, knowledge and leadership helps to provide our customers with the best product from the most experienced crew.

For the best in Concrete Leveling Call LEVEL ALL. Uneven ground, newly formed moisture pockets, and decaying organic matter can cause concrete slabs to shift, tilt, and sink. This is a serious problem occurring on many properties all over Missouri and Illinois. If you have a sidewalk, porch, patio, driveway, or any other concrete that is sinking, don’t wait another day to get the problem fixed. Call the Concrete Leveling experts with LEVEL ALL and let us restore your concrete to like-new condition. Our superior method of mudjacking, called polyjacking will last for decades.

At LEVEL ALL we provide the best and most advanced concrete leveling solution in the industry. For several years mudjacking was the best solution to help uneven ground, sinking concrete slabs, uneven driveways, etc. Our solution is polyjacking or polyeurethane concrete leveling. At LEVEL ALL we have perfected the science of polyjacking and our services are backed with a written warranty!

Why Choose Us?

The moment you call us, you will notice a big difference in how we treat our customers. Our professional staff is trained to put our customer’s needs first. You can expect a turn key operation in a timely manner. You can rest assured you made the right choice with Level All. Did we mention we have some of the best prices around? Call us today and discover why Level All is a step above our competition.

Competitive Pricing 97%
Speed of Service 96%
Customer Satisfaction 99%

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