Concrete Sealing and Resurfacing

At LEVEL ALL, we like to educate our customers as much as possible so they feel confident in making the right decision. Discover why polyjacking is a superior solution to mudjacking. We break down the differences to help you better understand the advantages.

What is OverCrete?

OverCrete is a one-component, polymer-modified concrete repair and resurfacing mortar for smoothing, resurfacing, and restoring concrete surfaces. The resurfacing compound is a polymer modified cementicious coating which has excellent durability with little maintenance. OverCrete offers superior durability for all interior and exterior concrete applications. It maintains an excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces.

Why Use OverCrete?

OverCrete seals and protects your concrete and provides durability for years to come. The strength provided will ensure the concrete will last the toughest elements. Our customers love the fact that we are able to repair their concrete slabs and offer protection. Ask us about our warranty.

Benefits of OverCrete:

  • Long work time
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Easy to spread/trowel/finish
  • Dries to a natural concrete gray
  • Ideal for repairing rain slabs and all resurfacing

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